Flying With Your Tattoo Gun: Guides for Safety Travel

Flying With Your Tattoo Gun: Guides for Safety Travel


Traveling with tattoo guns has become a standard practice for numerous tattoo artists and enthusiasts. This widespread occurrence is primarily due to the diverse client base that these artists cater to, originating from various states and even countries across the globe. In this article, we will delve into the essential policies and guidelines that tattoo artists should adhere to when transporting their tattoo guns during their travels. Furthermore, we will provide insights on how to facilitate a smooth and trouble-free journey while carrying these crucial tools. 


TSA Guidelines on Tattoo Guns

TSA Guidelines usually refer to the guidelines formulated by Transportation Security Administration(that is TSA) in the United States.These policies aim to standardize the security and safety measures for various modes of transportation, such as aviation, railways, highways, and waterways. For special machines like Tattoo Guns, what the policies for these item? Lets check together.


What the TSA Says About Tattoo Machines?

There are some requirements for tattoo machines. These points are common in most states, but it is also vital for artists to check local policies advance.

  • Tattoo Machines in Carry-on Bags: Tattoo machines are typically allowed in carry-on bags.
  • Tattoo Machines in Checked Luggage: You can also pack tattoo machines in your checked baggage.
  • Ink and Other Liquids: If you're carrying tattoo inks or other liquids, rememberthat TSAs liquid rules apply.

Sharp Objects: Tools associated with tattooing that are sharp (like needles) should be packed in checked luggage to comply with TSA regulations regarding sharp objects in carry-on bags.

  • Batteries and Power Supplies: If your tattoo machine uses batteries or a power

supply, be aware of TSA’s regulations regarding batteries, especially lithium batteries, which are subject to specific guidelines when flown.

Getting Tattoo Guns Through Security

Carry-On Bags: Tattoo guns are always follow with you as you put on your baggage

Checked Luggage: Your bags and tattoo machines are checked before boarding, after arriving destination, it is vital to carry the baggage

Batteries and Power Supplies: If your tattoo gun operates with lithium batteries or has a specific power supply, remember that there are strict regulations for carrying batteries on planes. Lithium batteries, in particular, should be carried in your hand luggage to prevent any issues.


Packing Your Tattoo Gun for Air Travel

For every tattoo artists, they will packing their tattoo equipment when they going to air traveling. How to well packing the tattoo guns and reducing demage when flying with tattoo gun, here are the tips for most tattoo artists.


1.Best Practices for Packing Tattoo Machines

Tips for practices for packing:

①Securely pack your tattoo machines

②Utilize a soft padded case

③Bubble wrap sensitive areas as needles or inks

④Regular inspection and maintenance

2.Carry-On vs. Checked Luggage: Pros and Cons

Most tattoo artists will choose their tattoo equipment in Carry-On or Checked Luggage.But everything has two sides, also suitable for ways of taking tattoo gun to traveling. In this part, we will present it with a form.






Security restrictions

Checked Luggage

More space

Risk of loss or delay

This form are major focus on the major pros and cons for the different ways

International Flights: Extra Steps for Smooth Travel

Different from traveling at the states or provenience, The policies from different countries are more complex, which also requires tattoos to pay more attention to the customs regulations and requirements of the country of destination.

Dealing with Customs and Foreign Regulations

Dealing with Customs and Foreign Regulations

Different countries with different customs requirements.For traveling smoother, there are tips:

①Checking regulation on official website of customs

②Download the files for application for Checked Luggage

③Knowing about the fees for Carry-On or Checked Luggage

④Researching Destination Countries’ Import Rules


Alternative Options for Transporting Tattoo Guns

For most tattoo artists, they always fly all over the world to attend all kinds of tattoos meetings, which make renting a tattoo gun in the destination an optional plans for most of them. The advantage is that it not only reduces the complexity of the application process, but also make it easier and time-saving to go through customs.

Do’s and Don’ts When Flying with Your Tattoo Gun

Essential Items to Include in Your Tattoo Kit

These are important items should be included in tattoo kits:Charger, additional battery, needles,inks.

Different artists have different requirements for tattoo knit, it should be based on the personal preference.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Packing

There are some common mistakes should avoid:Over-weight on luggage, carrying the prohibited goods, miss the time of boarding.

Start your travel now

Taking all factors into account, tattoo artists can make their travels more efficient and time-saving. Now is the perfect time to choose a destination and embark on your journey. Enjoy every moment of your trip! Wishing you a pleasant and smooth travel experience!


FAQs About Travelling with Tattoo Equipment

  1. F:When is the most suitable to apply Checked Luggage?

Q:In order to have more time to get the apply form, it is recommended to apply advance 30days before your flying.

  1. F:What should every Tattoo Artists know before traveling with Tattooequipment?

Q:There are some points they need to check before their journey.①Customs policy of destination. ②The fees of tattoo machine for checked luggage.

3.F:Do I need to declare my tattoo equipment at customs when traveling internationally?

  Q:When traveling internationally, it's essential to declare your tattoo equipment at customs if required by the destination country's regulations. Some countries may have restrictions or require specific permits for tattoo equipment.