How to tattoo with a tattoo pen?

How to tattoo with a tattoo pen?

As tattoos gain popularity among younger demographics, the tattoo industry continues to expand its market share. With a growing number of enthusiasts joining the community, there's an increasing trend towards individuality, leading to a common sight of individuals owning a tattoo machine.

In this article, we'll delve into the process of setting up a tattoo pen and mastering the art of tattooing with it. Join us on this journey of exploration and learning.

What is a Tattoo Pen?

Tattoo pen is the results of innovation of tattoo industry. The major difference from traditional tattoo machine is that tattoo pens is battery-support driven. For the traditional tattoo equipment, they are used with electricity. The tattoo pen and traditional tattoo equipment are just the machine to assist tattoo artists to creating their works, they don’t have the better or worse diverse. The most importance is that both the tattoo pen and traditional help our art to flourish in other way.


  1. Differences between a Tattoo Pen and Traditional Tattoo Machine

In this part, I would to present with a form.



Spare parts

Visual perspective

Tattoo Pen


relatively simple structure

lighter and more portable

Traditional Tattoo Machine

electricity -driven

relatively more accessories


The firm only shows the difference between tattoo gun and traditional tattoo machine. Tools are neither inherently good nor bad, nor do they possess inherent hierarchies of superiority or inferiority.They both provide tremendous contributions for tattoo industries.


1.1  Why Choose a Tattoo Pen?

As saying goes, every man has his hobbyhorse, in this part we only focus on personal favorites.For most tattoo artists, they are prefer to using tattoo guns, as their are easier to operate that the traditional one. For the power durance, battery driven can support tattoo gun work more stable.

1.1.1  Benefits of using a tattoo pen

There are three major benefits on using tattoo pen, let’s check together.

Creative Flexibility: The use of tattoo pens significantly increases the artist's creative flexibility.

Power support: Battery support ensures that artists can maintain a steady output during long tattooing sessions without being affected by power fluctuations.

Operation:Their simplified structure also makes it easier to change parts and maintain, thus improving work efficiency.


1.1.2 Situations where a tattoo pen can have advantages

When tattoo artists have a tattoo gun, it can provide them a quiet environment for them, also, it can make sure tattoo artists can create a stable and different line and shading for consumers. Battery-powered tattoo pens can avoid the stumbling and interference caused by the wires of traditional tattoo machines to tattoo artists.  

  1. Choosing the Right Tattoo Pen

Tattoo pens have different prices and also different quality. How to choosing a suitable tattoo pen, mixed factors must to be considered before make a decision. Choosing right tattoo pen not only can make sure the quality of the tattoo art, but also can save money for the maintenance. For the brand TATVIDA Wireless Tattoo Machine, it is popular by its excellent product performance and unique after sale service. Choose TATVIDA Wireless Tattoo Machine is the most wise choice for tattoo artists and tattoo lover.

2.1 Factors to Consider

To choosing a tattoo machine, the most important factors is that the equipment must the good quality and reasonable price. Also the after-sale service is also another importance factor to indicate the service level.

2.2 Important features to look for

For tattoo machine itself, the most importance features are that it can create multi designs, different lines and all kinds of shading. As every consumer has different requirement for tattoo work, also simple every tattoo is customized according their preference. So the multi functionality is the another features to look for when tattoo artists or tattoo lovers are choose the machines.

2.3 Price range and where to buy

Difference types and brands of tattoo machines cost different, it can range from $300 to $1000. It is normal that price gap ranging from several dollars to several hundreds dollars in price. In order to purchase a cost-effective equipment, it is recommend that tattoo artists must purchase tattoo machine on good reputation and comprehensive after-sales service guarantee shop or online store.

3.How to Set Up a Tattoo Pen

For the new equipment, installment a tattoo pen is an another factors to protect tattoo machines. Well-prepare and be cautious to install a tattoo pen can avoid destroying the machine.The next part I will present how to set up tattoo pen further.


3.1 Step-by-step instructions

First step to set up the tattoo machine is to learn every name of spare parts, read the manual thoroughly. Knowing about their connection. Then it is the time to connect the parts together. It may be no difficult for the skilled tattoo artists, but they are an essential step for tattoo new-learners.

3.2 Necessary preparation

To preparation the tattoo machine well, tattoo artists should put all parts at the clean,soft and flat operation console. After every tattoo work, equipment should be put back where it belongs.

3.3 Safety measures

For the sharp parts like needles, liquid part items like inks, these parts are most easy to hurt yourself or spill out. There parts should be put at safety area and place unreachable by children.    

4.How to Tattoo with a Tattoo Pen

When tattoo artists use a tattoo pen to creating their art, they must learn some tips to make sure that they are in the best state, so that they can ensuring that every tattoo is their most satisfying work.

4.1 Understanding the Basic Techniques

Most tattoo artists must learn these techniques to make sure their work environment is in good condition, also can protect their consumers. Let’s check out the tips together.

①.Prepare: clean the tattoo area thoroughly to remove impurities.

②.Sanitize: disinfect the tattoo machines and needles using alcohol.

③.Protect yourself: wear gloves to prevent infections.

④.Prevent smearing: apply a thin layer of rubber to the tattoo area.

4.1.1 tattooing lines and shading techniques

A tattoo designs has many different angles and different lines with all kinds of colors, it requires tattoo artists should have unique skills and their singularly distinctive perspective on tattoos. Crisp and dynamic lines captivate the essence of the design, whereas subtle and graduated shading endow it with a rich dimensionality.

4.2 Practice Makes Perfect

In order to make a marvelous art, most tattoo artists must practice many times to improve their tattoo skills.So that they can create more excellent work, and also can provide more satisfied service for their consumers. However, most tattoo artists should remember that tattoo art is not just a craft, but also a art from. So they should killed all steps to tattooing, to make your tattoo works more artistic.

4.2.1 Importance of practicing on synthetic skin

Tattoos play a significant role in synthetic skin.Practicing on synthetic skin is not only can improve basic skills, but also can lay a solid foundation for genuine tattoo creating and creation.The symbol of excellent tattoo artists is that the consumers are enjoy tattoo journey, also it is also a factor tattoo artists can inspire their creativity and inspire they to innovate.

4.2.2 How to evaluate your work

For evaluation the tattoo work, there are two factors should be considered:first one is that consumers' feeling for whole process of tattoo work,this may from consumers evaluation, suggestion and praise etc. The second one also the essential one is the inspiration, structure and ideas for the whole tattoo. But one point should be known to all that every tattoo artists should pour all their efforts into every tattoo session.


5.Aftercare and Hygiene Practices

Safety and hygiene are important principles of tattooing, which require the joint efforts of tattoo consumers and tattoo artists to achieve. In order to provide safety tattoo environment, tattoo equipment and operating desk should thoroughly clean after every tattoo work.

5.1 Importance of Tattoo Aftercare

The importance of tattoo aftercare lies in ensuring proper healing of the tattooed area, preventing infection,and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the tattoo.

5.2 Instructions for aftercare

①.Let tattoo area air-dry to reducing bacterial contact from towels.

②.Using a protective film to reducing friction between the tattoo and clothing.

③.Cleaning the tattooed area with pure water.

④.Don't touching tattoo area frequency.

5.3 Hygiene practices to prevent infection

Prevent infection is major steps on the daily life after tattoo. Tattoo consumers should apply tattoo repair cream to promote skin healing. Avoid consuming irritating foods and alcohol, as they can affect the skin's healing process.During the recovery period, they should avoid the swimming, soaking in baths, sun exposure etc.


This article major introduce the basic messages about the tattoo steps and details about how to  improve tattoo skills, the most importance is the aftercare tips for tattoo consumers. As two most importance entitles in the tattoo industry: tattoo artists and consumers. It is imperative  fro the tattoo artists to create high-quality tattoo designs for the consumers, while consumers must adhere to proper tattoo care routines.Only by doing so can we optimally foster the growth of the tattoo industry and ensure its triumphant success.