How Long Do Wireless Tattoo Guns Last?

How Long Do Wireless Tattoo Guns Last?

As one of the favorite machines of most tattoo artists, the cordless tattoo gun plays an important role throughout the entire tattoo journey. In this article, we will cover the main factors that affect the life of your cordless tattoo gun and how to extend the life of your cordless tattoo gun. The longevity of a tattoo pen is crucial to the work of a tattoo artist. Understanding the structure of a tattoo pen and learning how to care for it are also essential skills for every tattoo artist.

What is inside a Tattoo Pen?

Why wireless tattoo guns are so popular? The biggest difference between wireless tattoo guns and traditional tattoo machines is that the tattoo guns have built-in rechargeable batteries. Wireless tattoo guns with this factor make the machine easier to operate. Easier operation makes wireless tattoo guns welcome by most tattoo artists.

1. Tattoo pen structure

Structures of wireless guns vary from brand to brand. But major body parts have similar shapes. Wireless tattoo guns majorly make up five parts: Function Modes, Screen, Adjustment Knob, Handle and Type-C Wire. Let’s check the different functions of these five parts.

  • Function Modes: Turn on/off and Increase/Decrease voltage functions
  • Screen: Showing the status of tattoo guns, time, voltage display and machine frequency  
  • Adjustment Knob: Adjustment of the store length value of the needle
  • Handle: Holding and adjusting the length of the needle.
  • Type-C Wire: Connecting the Type-C cable to charge the power

2. Advancements in battery technology and motor efficiency

Most cordless tattoo guns have embedded batteries. Compared with traditional electric tattoo machines, embedded batteries have the advantages of stable power and easy operation. Innovations in battery technology make wireless tattooing even better. Most batteries can power a cordless tattoo gun for hours to days.

Motor efficiency mainly reflects the time consumption of tattoo work. Almost every tattoo job takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days. High motor efficiency saves nearly 1/5 to 1/4 of the time than expected. This is the high motor efficiency that most skilled tattoo artists strive for.

What is inside a Tattoo Pen?

Factors influencing the longevity of wireless tattoo guns

To extend the service life of a tattoo pen, you must first know the factors that affect the service life of the tattoo pen. Common factors include tattoo pen quality, tattoo pen battery life expectancy, motor strength, and the tattoo artist's usage habits.

1.Tattoo pen quality

With the innovation of technology, the technology of wireless tattoo pens has become increasingly mature and stable, and its operating performance is better than that of wired or other forms of products. For example, the Tatvida wireless tattoo pen is at the forefront of technology. Each tattoo pen has ID certification, which can track every production process. This ensures the quality of the tattoo machine.

2.Tattoo pen battery life expectancy

The average life of a wireless tattoo pen battery can support the pen's operation for several months to several years. A well-maintained battery in a tattoo pen can extend the life of the tattoo gun by about 1-2 years.

3. Motor strength

Motor durability is at the heart of a cordless tattoo gun. Good motor durability allows tattoo artists to create art without any worries. The durability of the motor mainly depends on the quality of the motor, the tattoo environment and operating habits.

4.The tattoo artist's usage habits

Every tattoo artist uses tattoo pens differently. The time and frequency of each tattoo application and the posture of holding the gun are in some ways related to the life of the machine. And cleaning and care are essential steps in every tattoo journey.

And cleaning and care are essential steps in every tattoo journey.

Average lifespan of wireless Tattoo guns

The lifespan of wireless tattoo guns differs from brand to brand. The types of ink, needles, and usage frequency also affect the lifespan of the machine. Tatvida wireless tattoo guns' average lifespan is between 1-3 years.

Tips for extending the life of your cordless tattoo gun

Well-maintenance can prolong a gun’s life for several years. How to care for your tattoo guns? Here are tips for tattoo artists.

1. Best practices for maintenance and care

    Cleaning the tattoo guns every tattoo journey. Using a machine with high-quality ink and suitable-designed needles. Appropriately hold the gun when operating the machine, and reserve a clean and dry area for every tattoo finished. With this operation, tattoo guns are in a good situation.

    2. Upgradable components and modularity

      Wireless tattoo guns have many spare parts. The handle and control parts are detachable, which allows tattoo artists to check components and modularity from time to time. Replacing or upgrading components and modularity can diagnose the machine's situation. It is easy to operate and is convenient for skilled tattoo artists.

      3.Tip for optimal charging habits

        Excellent charging habits also can protect tattoo guns. Connecting the Type-C wire with the charging port slowly, put the guns in a flat and open area. Charging for about 6–8 hours. Overcharged is not recommended.

        When the machine is fully charged, check the indicator light and the status of the battery, remove the Type-C wire from the power carefully and put it back to reserved.

        When to Get a New Tattoo Gun

        Three common bad situations on tattoo guns: dying battery, bad motor situation and losing precision. When these signs show in wireless tattoo guns, they indicate that tattoo artists need to replace a new tattoo gun.

        1. Spotting a dying battery

          The battery is an important spare part for wireless tattoo guns. When the battery does not hold power, it does not start, overheating or other electronic issues such as punching an error message. These signs indicate the battery should be replaced.

          2. When the motor is not working in the same condition as when it was purchased new

            The motor supports the wireless tattoo guns to function normally. When the motor makes a loud noise, machines vibrate violently and crash suddenly. When these situations happen, tattoo artists need to replace a new motor or a new machine.

            3. Loss of strength or precision while working

            Power and accuracy are the main indicators of the health of your wireless tattoo gun. If the battery is fully charged but the machine is dead or losing accuracy, the tattoo gun needs to be replaced. In order to ensure the high accuracy of the tattoo gun, the tattoo artist should inspect the machine over a period of time.

            When to Get a New Tattoo Gun


            This examination of the wireless tattoo pen has illuminated its internal structure, pinpointed the indicators signaling the need for replacement, and underscored the significant influence that manufacturing quality, battery longevity, motor robustness, and maintenance habits have on the lifespan of the device. Observations such as persistent low battery warnings, deteriorating motor function, or diminishing precision serve as clear harbingers that it is time for an upgrade. A diligently maintained tattoo pen not only promises an extended operational life but also guarantees the consistent production of superior-quality tattoos.

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